Core Scientists

Jason Haukoos, MD, MSc (Director) - DHMC

Alia Al-Tayyib, PhD - DPH

Jonathan Campbell, PhD - UCD

Emily Caruso, MSPH - DHMC

Edward Gardner, MD - DPH

Sarah Rowan, MD - DPH

Allison Sabel, MD, MPH, PhD - DHMC

Meggan Schmidt, BA - DHMC

David Wyles, MD - DHMC

Qualitative Research Core

Emily Caruso, MSPH - DHMC

Jason Haukoos, MD, MSc - DHMC

Comilla Sasson, MD, MS - UCH

Meggan Schmidt, BA - DHMC


Janell Bezdek - CDPHE

Bob Bongiovanni, MA - CDPHE

Steve Cantrill, MD - DHMC

Pamela Doyle, RN - DHMC

Michael Fuhriman - DPH

Teresa Freudig, RN - DHMC

Edward Gardner, MD - DPH

David Ginosar, MD - DHMC

Jennifer Guess, MT - DHMC

Steve Johnson, MD - UCH

Linda Kaufman - DHMC

Jeremy Long, MD - DHMC

Michael Lyons, MD, MPH - UCCM

Wendy McDermott, MSW - DHMC

Yesenia Mendez - CDPHE

Stephen Peterson, BS - JHU

Sarah Pfeil, BS - AHS

Richard Rothman, MD, PhD - JHU

Andrew Ruffner, MA, LSW - UCCM

Briana Sprague - CDPHE

Danielle Signer, BS - JHU

Mark Tartletsky, MT, MCIS - DHMC

Tamara Todorovic, BS - AHS

Diane Weed, MA, MT - DHMC

Julia Weise, LCSW, MSW - DPH

Karen Wendel, MD - DPH

Douglas White, MD - AHS

Melody Zwakenberg, ANP-BC - DHMC

The HIV Testing using Enhanced Screening Techniques in Emergency Departments (TESTED) Trial

Individual Site Roll-Outs

The HIV TESTED Trial team in Baltimore, Maryland getting ready to launch enrollment at Johns Hopkins Hospital in
October, 2015.

jhu final

The HIV TESTED Trial team in Cincinnati, Ohio getting ready to launch enrollment at the University of Cincinnati Medical
Center in June, 2015.


All-Site Investigators Meetings

The HIV TESTED Trial team at SAEM 2015 working hard on roll-out, implementation, and data monitoring at four sites across
the United States. When completed, this project will be the largest trial of its kind. We are fortunate to have such an
amazing group of researchers to work with.

IMG 0472


*AHS - Alameda Health System; CDPHE - Colorado Department of Public Health and Enviroment; DHMC - Denver Health Medical
Center; DPH - Denver Public Health; JHU - Johns Hopkins University; TCH - The Children's Hosptial; UCCM - University of
Cincinnati College of Medicine; UCD - University of Colorado Denver.